When communication is driven by relevance and meaning around your earned media messages, it will most likely improve both your corporate reputation and image. But more important: It will make people embrace your reason to exist. 

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Peter Anderson Public Relations, PAPR, is a consultancy with an holistic view on communication, where PR is the propelling discipline. We have our roots in modern journalism and publishing, and we are specialized in Digital Influence and Earned Media outreach. Both for brand positioning and product launch media acticities. Of course we also carry a deep understanding and experience of traditional PR operations like Media Relations, Internal Communication and Product & Brand PR.

We always have blind faith and confidence in everything we do. But never false hopes. Sometimes a dull reality check on the client’s expected outcome, leading to a “Forget about it”, is the most valuable PR advice.

PAPR connects a network of experienced and skilled PR friends at Partner Agencies in Europe. We also connect with Photographers, Film producers, Media Specialists and Analysts. This network approach is key in creating a truely tailored media outreach package for each client. 

OUR expertise


We provide clients with strategy and media tactics, asset creation and hands on media outreach. Either as a strategic partner and advisor or as a full agency support. The PR package is of course tailored in imagery and language, totally adjusted for your international or local outreach needs towards desired online influencers and press.

The advertising industry is changing. Traditional Marketing methods don’t really do the job anymore. In today’s online media landscape the PR method is superior, since the two-way communication that came with Social Media is self-regulating. Communication savvy influencers spark the conversations in the press and social networks. This is all built around the knowledge and understanding of PR, and fact that engagement comes from a certain amount of relevance and a point of view.

This is a long and well-known secret for influencers and PR experts. Great PR is not magic, it’s knowledge mixed with experience and seasoned with hard work.

However, while the PR industry has fallen back to focus more on traditional Corporate Communications, and the Advertising Industry struggling with consumers’ aversion for emotional but meaningless online and TV ads, there is an interesting field opening up for PR driven advertising, Content Marketing or Paid Collaborations with media partners.

But in order to make this happen you have to understand what successful publishers always understood – the essence of great stories with the potential to fly and all the needed elements around. This expertise is what we offer.

Our understanding of tone of voice, journalsts and influencer's interests and the set-up of owner situations between different media outlets, communities and communication channels, will guarantee that we deliver strategies, tactics and assets in line with what it takes to create the desired impact in each project.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you want to know more about PAPR, or ask about our methods.