UK to test Facebook and Google as News


There is a big difference in responsibility for content between a technolgy website and a news website. Publishers have to resond on what is published in their media channel, no matter if they have produced the content themseleves or if they publish someone elses content. If Google and Facebook were publishers they have to take resonsibility if criminals are using their channels. Or if abusive and discriminating conting is published by others in their channels. This is why media quite quickly just closed down the possibility for readers to comment on articles when it was introduced widely on many news websites some 10 years ago. It was to expensive and complicated to look after what the readers published in the comments field. Since then viewer and reader feedback have been outsoursced to Facebook and and social media channels, and thus the responsibility.

If Theresa May and the UK government manage to put new publishing responsibility on the shoulders of social media, it  will probably mark the start of a big change. 

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