the most important pr trends in 2016


The PR methods have to be developed in line with a constantly changing media landscape. There are a number of trends that has been with us for a while, and there are a few new trends running up. This has to be thought of and catered for in your PR plan for 2016. Methods and mechanics are changing, but in essence it's all about creating relevant content and building relations with influencers as always.

For 2016 there will be increased focus on quality visuals, both stills and video. This is an essential part of all digital communication where we will see less text with a continous growth of image and video based social media channels getting bigger and more popular. And as PAPR told you already, even journalists are favourable to use social media in order to keep up with news.

John Hall, CEO at Influence & Co has listed the most important trends that he can predict for 2016

1. The traditional press release is no more
2. Thought leadership will become a growing PR budget priority
3. Content amplification will become (even more) critical
4. Negative brand advocates will be prevented through content
5. Online reputation management will be necessary
6. True influence will win over number of followers
7. Use of paid promotion and social ads will continue to rise 

Read John Hall's full article published by Forbes.