Fashion website selling puppies - hoax


There are many ways to generate attention. One is to make people upset. Designer clothing website, Lyst, presented a "Canine Collection" including 33 dog breeds offered as attractive accessories and presented with traditional clothing sizes and matching colours.

The reaction from the public came quickly in social media where the stunt was attacked by dog- and animal lovers. According to Lyst this was exactly what they hoped for. The PR stunt was part of a communication plan to put focus on Lyst's collaboration with Blue Cross and work as a response to what's sometimes called "handbag-dogs". These animals are often abandoned by the owners after some time when the dog is considered to be out of fashion.

Lyst wanted to take a stand by spark debate in social media. Lyst's position is clearly stated by chief marketing officer Christian Woofende: A dog is for life, not just for Instagram.

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