"Digital" still not understood


We have seen Digital Creatives, Digital Seminars and Digital Agencies all over place for the last 5-10 years. And it's not going to fade yet it seems. The reson is that we have not fully undestood the meaning of Digital in our life and in our profession. This normally takes a while. Especially when a new technology has impact on almost everything we do.

When we have reached full understanding and a mature state, the word will disappear by itself. Just like electricity. We don't turn on the electric light at home anymore. We just turn on the light. Period. The definition and the understanding of the impact of electricity is totally understood by more or less everyone these days.

Already now, but even more in the future, digital communication, digital information and digital services will be a constant layer in our life. And then the word "digital" becomes obsolete. The only thing that will change is the context. The place and situation where we consume it: At work, in the car, in a funpark or at home. And the format: The wearable watch, the screen in the car, the work tablet or the TV screen at home. Marketeers should focus on a mindset rather than a communication channel.

And marketeers have to learn a lot more on how to reach people in relevant contexts. However, this is still to happen. At least as long as we continue to name Digital Agencies and Digital Departments within the communication community. And this is the proof that we have not yet digested the full power of Digital says Tom Goodwin, CEO and founder of the Tomorrow Group. Read his article in The Guardian here