WWF used threatened family names


It's not easy to make relevant PR for wildlife charity. Most of the time these campaigns present themself as something very sad and beautiful, but far far away from our every day reality. But WWF in Belgium has succeded to create a unusally relevant campaign, that hit in the middle of the the heart by focusing on a specific target group.

Familes with names that are on the way to disappear might sound like a narrow target. But in fact WWF's reasearch found out that 30 percent of the family names in Belgium are heading towards extinction unless the current family members make a dramatic turn in fertility.

By targeting these families WWF managed not only to make a cleaver parallel to the threatened wild tigers, but they also made these families aware of their own situation. Already after two weeks these families were approached in social media and asked to adopt a tiger, under the banner "Families on the verge of extinction save a family on the verge of extinction.

See a video and read more about this unusual PR campaign in Rich Leigh's article in PR Examples.