2015 Global Information Trends


In 2015 the trend with cloud bsed services will continue to grow rapidly. This enables small companies to get a lot of power for small money, and even out the competition with big ones. This might change the game for the corporations that are used to sit alone on advanced solutions. Suddenly small players in the field can offer the same services - to a lower price.

Another trend is the growing amount of data in the world. Just think of your own photos that are spread out in different apps an on different devices. How to handle it Well, according to experts, visualized data is a new area where we will see development and competition. It has to be intuitive and easy to use. Otherwise it's out of competition. Only the easy to understand and easy to use apps will survive in a world where data continue to grow. And people will not accept to spend time on training to make things work anymore.

Read the article in Wired by Nikolaus Kimla, the CEO and founder of Pipeliner CRM and uptime ITechnologies.